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Code is Beautiful

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it recently and the more I do, the more the thought becomes ingrained in my mind: Code is Beautiful. I find myself sometimes marveling at the structures of well written code…neat indentation and clean and clear, self commenting markup, but more than that…a certain eloquence about how some […]

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How to Domain Map with WordPress Mu

So recently I had to implement 2 sets of sites using WordPress Mu (multi-user) and one of the requirements (for both sites) was to be able to domain map the sub-sites, much like you can do on for a fee. So I went about prototyping this and managed to get it working! So I […]

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It’s Official – Woothemes!

Well, I have some pretty serious and exciting news to share…I have decided to take up a position at Woothemes! This is a fantastic opportunity and am really grateful to be going on this journey with everyone at Woothemes. I’ll be starting on 1 December – so keep watching Woothemes for all the exciting times […]

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WordPress JQuery Accordion

So I’ve been tinkering with JQuery this weekend and have built a function for WordPress to display a JQuery accordion of a certain number of posts from a certain category – Title and Excerpt details. It also can be used across both pages and posts using a shortcode. Update – I have built a WordPress […]

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Saturday Golfing

Saturday Golfing

So I finally got my game of golf in! Went with a good friend of mine, Kevin Abbott, to the short course in Durbanville at Wagners. It was interesting to say the least…with both of us realizing we haven’t played for such a long time! Needless to say…a score of 40 on a par 3 […]

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Awesome LAN

What a great LAN I went to recently, hosted by Keane Harvey, had a great time playing Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2, Counterstrike and Trackmania. But one of the coolest things was checking out Keane’s uber screen – Trackmania was amazing on it! Check out some of the pic’s… (more…)

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My Projects

Just thought I’d add a quick post just to keep the content rolling while try make my domain mapping with WordPress Mu article a little easier to read. So I thought I’d tell you about some of the stuff I’ve been working on… (more…)

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