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Code is Beautiful

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it recently and the more I do, the more the thought becomes ingrained in my mind: Code is Beautiful.

I find myself sometimes marveling at the structures of well written code…neat indentation and clean and clear, self commenting markup, but more than that…a certain eloquence about how some functionality is written – that really gets me excited. I really enjoy looking deep into the heart of some code and seeing what it really is about….seeing a glimpse into the writers passion and emotions…. Continue reading Code is Beautiful

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How to Domain Map with WordPress Mu

So recently I had to implement 2 sets of sites using WordPress Mu (multi-user) and one of the requirements (for both sites) was to be able to domain map the sub-sites, much like you can do on for a fee. So I went about prototyping this and managed to get it working!

So I thought I would share my joy with a quick guide, because it was great to see it actually work!

What do you need… Continue reading How to Domain Map with WordPress Mu

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WordPress JQuery Accordion

So I’ve been tinkering with JQuery this weekend and have built a function for WordPress to display a JQuery accordion of a certain number of posts from a certain category – Title and Excerpt details.
It also can be used across both pages and posts using a shortcode.
Update – I have built a WordPress plugin to run this function and shortcode, and have created its own page here for download and instructions.