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As you’ve no doubt noticed…this site has been down for a long LONG time…partly due to my boredom with blogging and just being so darn busy! Oh, and my wife & I welcomed our first child recently, baby Eva Marie Pearce!

I’ve decided to give it a complete rethink and I’ve actually rebuilt it 4 times already! Each time I was never happy with the outcome, and now it seems I’m getting there.

I ended up using a combination of The One Pager theme from WooThemes, WooCommerce to handle my plugin downloads, and I’ll be using Sensei soon to run 2 Courses starting shortly, the first of which will be free!

Here’s to more blogging and more code (and courses) releases!

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WordCamp Spain

Just a quick note to say that I’m heading to Barcelona today for WordCamp Spain on Saturday! 🙂 It’s gonna be awesome and I will post my slides and experiences here afterwards. I’ll be presenting on WooTumblog and Post Formats, as well as the Express for WordPress iPhone app.  Check out more details here: (you might wanna do it through Google Translate for english).

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WooTumblog WordPress Plugin

For those who follow WooThemes, you will no doubt have seen our Tumblog Themes such as Cinch and Crisp, and will know that they give you similar functionality to a tumblr style blog from within WordPress. So if you didn’t buy one of our tumblog themes you wouldn’t be able to have that functionality, but now you can for FREE! In addition to this, you can buy the Express for WordPress iPhone app and publish content to your Tumblog enabled WordPress blog right from your iPhone!! See the official announcement page here:
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Twenty Ten Custom Taxonomy Template

I’ve been doing some modifications to the default WordPress Twenty Ten theme and I needed a custom taxonomy page template for my taxonomy archives – taxonomy.php – to take advantage of the WordPress template hierarchy. So I made a generic one for the Twenty Ten theme seeing as it doesn’t come with one.  So now your custom taxonomy archive pages don’t have to say “Blog Archives”, instead with this it will output the Taxonomy as well as the Term, similar to the Category archive page. Simply download the file below, extract it, and put taxonomy.php in the root of your Twenty Ten theme!

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