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Bundle Hunt

I recently purchased the treasure from Bundle Hunt and found the contents to be pretty rad. I’m particulary looking forward to getting to grips with Billings (a invoicing, project management, time tracking app for mac/iPhone), Subernova (online project management tool), and reading the Smashing Magazine ebook on Mastering Photoshop. The Bundle Hunt concept seems similar […]

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jQuery Keyboard Input

I was working on some jQuery today in a WordPress theme I’m working on, and I wanted to simulate a keyboard input so that I could force a jQuery plugin to work in the way I wanted it to without hacking its core.  Here’s how you do it (more…)

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FlagTag WordPress Plugin

Seeing as how I’m big on getting behind your sports team, I saw an initiative by White Wall Web (Disclaimer: I used to work for them) to get the internet into the World Cup Feva by adding what they call a FlagTag to your site.  I think it’s fantastic, see my FlagTag on the right […]

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Bafana Bafana

Although many have written them off, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it…I think Bafana Bafana (South African national soccer team) will make the Quarter Finals of the upcoming Fifa 2010 World Cup. Here’s why.

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Code is Beautiful

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it recently and the more I do, the more the thought becomes ingrained in my mind: Code is Beautiful. I find myself sometimes marveling at the structures of well written code…neat indentation and clean and clear, self commenting markup, but more than that…a certain eloquence about how some […]

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How to Domain Map with WordPress Mu

So recently I had to implement 2 sets of sites using WordPress Mu (multi-user) and one of the requirements (for both sites) was to be able to domain map the sub-sites, much like you can do on for a fee. So I went about prototyping this and managed to get it working! So I […]

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