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WordPress jQuery Accordion Plugin


The new version will be available soon, grab the original plugin until the new one is released!

A WordPress jQuery Accordion Plugin to display posts in a jQuery accordion style.

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This plugin is currently being rebuilt. Use at your own risk.

So after tinkering with JQuery and building a function for WordPress to display a JQuery Accordion of a certain number of posts from a certain category – Title and Excerpt details, I decided to get a bit adventurous and build a plugin as well – because, you know, I like changing my theme and don’t want to port the functions.php page every time (and I was having fun coding!).

The net result uses the default stylesheets and libraries from JQuery and the JQuery Accordion Plugin (now part of the UI library) – all libraries included and hooked up to the WordPress header.

So what can it do? Well, basically it display a certain number of posts from a particular category in a JQuery Accordion – nothing special yet but once I’ve done the items in my roadmap (in the readme.txt) it should be quite nice indeed (and very useful!).

It also can be used across both pages and posts using a shortcode.

Disclaimer – there probably are some issues, and I am not offering any kind of support on this one – use at your own risk. The new version will come with support.


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