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Just thought I’d add a quick post just to keep the content rolling while try make my domain mapping with WordPress Mu article a little easier to read. So I thought I’d tell you about some of the stuff I’ve been working on…

Firstly, I’ve made several sites, unfortunately some of them I can’t share due to certain conflicts of interest/confidentiality rules, but here are some of my currently active projects: – this one is quite a lot of fun for me because it is a Joomla site and I get to try out several plugins I’ve been wanting to try for ages. I built this site for Elohim Ministries and Preston Jongbloed, and pretty soon it will be undergoing to pretty major changes (great ones – check back soon for the update). But the thing about it I’m most proud of, technically, is that it is my first fully converted theme from WordPress to Joomla. I used Revolution Lifestyle (now a commercial WordPress theme by StudioPress) and converted it to Joomla. I use the WordPress version on a regular basis and highly recommend it. – I finally decided to launch after about 2 years of procrastination. I ended up choosing WordPress because of the sheer joy I get writing code for it. I gotta say, of all the CMS/frameworks I’ve worked with, this one is by far the most enjoyable and most powerful (in my opinion).

Custom vs CMS Challenge – This one is coming soon. I will be taking on 2 of my workmates @munyah and @hlashbrooke in a challenge…it’s Joomla vs WordPress vs Custom…watch this space and them, they have great tips on Joomla and web development in general.

Music Venture – All the groundwork has been made for this venture and expect a launch before year end. This is real team effort from several of my best mates and I, and is one I’m really looking forward to.

There are many many more in development ideas/prototypes – too many to mention right now – so just watch this space for some great addition to the World Wide Web! Oh yes…and I’m busy learning a little bit Symfony and CakePHP…just to keep my PHP and MVC skills sharp….

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