2010 in Review

What a year! 🙂 So much has happened both personally and professionally for me, and I’ve much to be grateful for….

On the work side, I’ve been at WooThemes for more than a year now, having been a part of WooNav being integrated into WordPress 3.0, the Tumblog functionality, and more recently the Content Builder functionality.  I also had the privilege of having a working holiday in Austria, and attending several conferences – Net Prophet, Google South Africa, and WordCamp Spain where I was one of the speakers. My first time in Europe was this year, pretty awesome in my opinion, but Cape Town is still the place for me – it really is the most beautiful city in the world! I built 2 free WordPress plugins, released a Twenty Ten taxonomy template, and was featured in articles on these websites:

I’ve got a couple of personal projects on the go as well, and even though I can only work on them when I’ve got time I’m still really excited about them, including finally giving my own site some long overdue work and a redesign! More on that when the time comes.  I’ve done some freelance work this year, but mostly small custom jobs, and setting up WordPress sites for some friends of mine.  If you are need a classical musician, check these guys out – http://laserenata.co.za

On the personal front, marriage is great 🙂 and I am looking forward to 2011 for various reasons.  I’m looking forward to the challenge, the fun, and more awesome blessings from the Lord, as well as more opportunities to bless others.  That’s been a great experience for me this year, being able to bless others more than I’ve previously been able to.

So yeah, have a great New Year and remainder of the holidays! See you next year!

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