As some of you may know, I work over at Automattic on WooThemes themes within the Themes Team. My primary project is the Canvas Theme. I’m currently in the middle of making it even more awesome, and I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is and set it to be this site’s theme of choice.

I previously used The One Pager, and it was great for a while, but I no longer want to generate leads from the site – I’m just going to be blogging for a while 🙂

So sit back, enjoy the posts, and keep an eye out for some cool updates coming to Canvas soon!

Published by Jeff Pearce

Most know me online as Jeffikus, I made WordPress products at WooCommerce for 7 years. Then Automattic acquired us and I've been making themes there for the past 3 years! I’m a husband, and father in beautiful Cape Town!

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  1. I’ve just run across Canvas, and it really looks promising. I’ve been using Ultimatum Theme for the past several years (but I’ve run across some limits with it, and would like something less proprietary), and it seems many of the features there are in Canvas (setting up the grids, defining templates, lots of configuration menus and options). I’m hoping I can use Canvas to make very fast sites. I like to remove all third-party fonts, have as few CSS as possible (and usually strip CSS out of plugins and put them in a custom CSS file), and get as much of the CSS and JS non-blocking (and load only what is necessary).

    That said, I’ve got a full set of plugins for functionality, so these are not stripped down mini-sites but fairly extensive with ecommerce, forms, widgets, email lists, some with courses, etc. I really like the idea of deep integration with woocommerce and the wooframework looks great, though there is not a lot of info on this and some pages on the wooframework seem to not have content.

    I’ll be exploring Canvas over the next few months and migrate a site over to it to learn the ins and outs.

    In any case, just wanted to say keep up the good work, I’m glad to see a dedicated developer for Canvas.


  2. Will there ever be a version 6 of Woo Canvas? And will it handle the responsive design better on mobile devices? Especially on iPads it looks awful … it would be better that on Ipads the navigation becames a hamburger icon navigation.

    Also adding some code to move the navigation to the right o the logo causes problems on iPads.

    And on smartphones such as iPhone the sliders looks awful with too much space under. An sometimes a space above also.

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