OneTab Links: Episode 1

This week I found some fun things; it’s a mix between Tech, Life, and Music. This post will keep evolving each week.


Treat your Ears/Mind

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  1. > I’ve read most of the books from Basecamp/37 Signals, but not this yet. Gonna start it after I finish The Making of a Manager on Audible.

    Shape Up is great. As with all things agile, it’s not necessary (or productive) to take the proposed method fully “as is”, as not all of it works in all scenarios, I’ve found.

    We take inspiration from Shape Up daily, and often find ourselves using the “appetite” framing for project scoping, which has helped a lot with alignment around timeframe and project scope, balanced with the anticipated impact of a project.

    1. Thanks Matty! Keen to chat more about this once I’ve given it a read?

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