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Just who am I? Part coder, part musician, part creative technologist, part academic, my name is Jeffrey Pearce, but most of my friends call me Jeffikus.

I’m a married South African father, I hold a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Information Systems from the University of Cape Town where I won an award for my 3rd year Group Systems Development Project, and my Honors Thesis was published by Springer (I am one of 4 co-authors) and this was presented at the World Conference on Computers in Education 2009 in Brazil.

I specialize in web technologies such as WordPress, and generally most things PHP related. I currently work for Automattic as part of the WordPress.com Design Team. I joined Automattic as part of the leading Premium WordPress Theme company, WooThemes which was acquired in mid 2015.

So far my most satisfying accomplishment in the WordPress community has been to have worked on the WooNav functionality that was eventually included as part of the WordPress 3.0 core. This makes me a WordPress Contributor.

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