What I’m Doing Now

I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA having moved from Cape Town, South Africa 2 years ago.

I’m about to reach 9 years of employment at Automattic where I work remotely as a Team Lead in the Special Projects division.

I was the lead developer of the (now retired) Canvas theme and the original developer of the Sensei LMS plugin. Technically I’m still the project lead for Flexslider, even though it is in maintenance mode indefinitely.

At our company GM in 2018, we were given the opportunity to do some new headshots. This is me from 4 years ago:

At our company annual meetup, we were given the opportunity to do some new headshots.

Outside of work, I have a lovely wife and 2 young daughters who I absolutely adore! And that’s where I spend most of my time.

I like guitars, and I played in various worship bands over the past 2 decades, and it has been one of the best ways I’ve built and maintained my relationship with Christ.

That one time I messed up at worship practice 🙂

I enjoy making coffee – lately I’ve been trying out the Four Sigmatic range of mushroom coffee!

Last Updated: 12 April 2024