Category: Influential People

  • Kingdom Business

    I began my post university working career at a company called White Wall Web. They were a web application development company in Cape Town, South Africa, and at the time they were relatively small with under 20 developers. The owner/managing director Peter Flynn was very involved in the day to day running of the company…

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  • The Importance of Concepts

    I first delved into the world of programming when my dad upgraded our home PC to a 486 DLC for home, and I had a book called “All About Computers” by Jean Atelsek from 1993. There’s a section on programming in that book that takes you through some games coded in BASIC, and how to…

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  • Influential People

    Everyone has people in their life who stand out, who are markers for specific things that have shapes us in our personal lives and in our careers. I’ve been thinking about a few of these recently, and I thought I’d write up a series of short posts about these people and the specific things they…

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