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  • OneTab Links: Episode 19

    This week I’ve been gearing up for a good 2 weeks time off. It’s been hard because of some family health issues, and the third wave here has been challenging, but I still found some good stuff to share! Tech/Software Development Great article on how to backup your WooCommerce store. Square will build a hardware […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 18

    Episode 18…the series would be ending high school if it were a person! Got some really interesting stories as usual! Tech/Software Development Github is revamping how issues work. Local Pro is now free for everyone. Spin up a WP or PHP site on your local machine. Good free JavaScript course here. This is fun little […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 17

    Had a good week, solved some challenging problems, worked on some WordPress 5.8 bugs and did a full day fast! Tech/Software Development Ioniconf2021 happened this week, and I found some neat free templates for Ionic. Paystack is now the preferred partner for merchants in Africa using WooCommerce. Blocs 4 released some cool starter templates. Wildbit […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 16

    I’ve been a bit sick this week with sinus allergies, so has my youngest so this week has been mostly in bed/watching Youtube while also trying to get some work done. I’m exhausted! But I did read some cool stuff! Tech/Software Development Wanna build an app? Don’t know how to code? Here’s 7 Courses to […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 15

    Lots of power cuts by us (in South Africa) this week, but it’s been a productive one nonetheless! Apple had their WWDC21 conference which saw some fun software things released! Tech/Software Development I’m eventually going to replace my iPhone 7 plus with the iPhone 12 mini, and then get some of the Moment Lens. This […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 14

    Had a fun week 🙂 Bit later than usual today as I didn’t schedule the post! Ah well, I had the fun of pushing the publish button this time 😀 Tech/Software Development Rad looking CMS with Firebase as the backend. Some useful web creation tools from Creative Tim. WordPress News gets a redesign. Quite a […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 13

    13 Episodes…almost 13 consecutive weeks…I used to find blogging every week hard, but now I look forward to writing these up every Friday morning! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy the articles and videos this week! 🙂 Tech/Software Development WordPress turned 18! There were some other interesting open source projects that also launched in the same […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 12

    Had a pretty busy week at work, finally picked up my new passport, and read a bunch of cool stuff! I actually watched a ton of interesting videos on YouTube this week in the evenings to relax/tune out my work brain 🙂 Tech/Software Development Google I/O has been happening, and there have also been some […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 11

    This week has been super fun, we had a division meetup at work, and it was great to see all my colleagues and focus on that rather than our regular work. It helps build relationships among colleagues, and gives us a chance to take a break from the regular fast pace that we work at. […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 10

    I had a pretty busy week, taking a full week off (last week) means that the first day back is about catching up and a lot has happened at work that’s kept me busy! But I did manage to find time to read and check out some cool stuff! 🙂 Tech/Software Development Big news in […]