OneTab Link Hoarding

I have a confession to make; I’m a URL bookmark hoarder! Every Friday when I “sign off” for the week from work, I click the OneTab button in my Chrome extensions toolbar and save all the tabs I have open for “another time”. It’s rare that I actually go back and visit the tabs, but there have been times when it has saved me a lot of time. But most of the time it’s simply stockpiling lists of cool things I find online 🙂

But how to make that useful?

Perhaps it’s not useful to me only…perhaps you who read my blog would find it useful? Maybe there’s something in there that is awesome…

So why not share it?

Should I start a simple newsletter, or maybe just post once a week?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts 🙂

Reading and listening more

I’ve been on my Automattic sabbatical since 1 November 2020, and I’m due back at work on 1 Feb 2021. It’s been extremely relaxing I’m happy to say, and this is actually the first day I’ve logged into my site since then!

Something I have been meaning to do this year is to make a list of useful and interesting media that I’ve consumed for others to find inspiration or ideas from.

To that end I’ve made a dedicated page here and you can find a link in the main navigation as well.

For clarity, there ARE ideas in some of these sources that I don’t agree with.

Please apply your own minds and evaluate them according to your own value systems and circumstances. I regularly read what some might call controversial media and ideas that conflict with my own. It’s good, in my view, to gain perspective from multiple viewpoints.