Code is Beautiful

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it recently and the more I do, the more the thought becomes ingrained in my mind: Code is Beautiful.

I find myself sometimes marveling at the structures of well written code…neat indentation and clean and clear, self commenting markup, but more than that…a certain eloquence about how some functionality is written – that really gets me excited. I really enjoy looking deep into the heart of some code and seeing what it really is about….seeing a glimpse into the writers passion and emotions….

I quite like at the bottom of the WordPress site, the “Code is Poetry” image. It resonates with me because, not only do I love poetry and am a musician, I find it quite apt to describe code. Code and Poetry can be tragic, epic, beautiful, and sometimes humorous…but ultimately it describes, well I think anyway, the writers emotion about the subject. With Poetry (or music for that matter) it might be a feeling such as love or loss, while with Code it is an emotion about the functionality that will be executed. They both tell a story.

Whether you write code because it’s your job, your love, or just because you can, I think the way you write it will ultimately tell a story – and will give insight into who you – the writer, the developer, the creator – are. Or am I just being passionate about something that could be put together by anyone who understands syntax….

So that’s my recent thoughts on code, poetry, and music, and I hope to make more beautiful lines of all of them. What do you think?

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  1. Matthew Avatar

    I didn’t quite understand the article at first but when I read it again I understood it perfectly. Everytime you say ‘code’ you actually mean ‘beer.’ When I then read it again it made perfect sense. What an inspiration Jef!!

    1. Well played Matt 🙂 your powers of observation are undeniable!

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