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Storytime: WooThemes Playground

It’s been a minute since I last worked on Woo products, but being part of Automattic I still keep track of what Woo is working on.

It’s really great to see WooCommerce.com offering test sites in a sandboxed environment again! It’s such a useful feature, and I think it’ll help drive folks to use Woo products more than before.

Who remembers that Woo actually had a feature like this many years ago? It was called the WooThemes Playground 🙂

How do I know this? Well, I built it 🙂

The WooThemes Playground Stack

At the time it was the 3rd biggest WordPress multisite installation, to my knowledge, after WordPress.com and Edublogs, peaking at just under 40000 sites. It might have been more than this before we shut it down, because that was the last time I was able to successfully open phpMyAdmin before it crashed every time I loaded it!

Some fun facts about it;

I grabbed some screenshots of what the signup pages looked like from the Way Back Machine.

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