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  • OneTab Links: Episode 9

    This week has been pretty relaxed, I took the week off to spend some time with the kids and to sort out my passport that expired during lockdown. Time with the kids was fun, the passport renewal…well, that sucked, but it’s done now! Tech/Software Development Basecamp were in the news. I don’t want to go […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 8

    What I digitally ate this week (see what I did there?) – honestly it wasn’t much, I mostly worked, did some leadership training, and slept. I’m on leave next week which will be a nice break! Tech/Software Development WordPress themes are set for change going forward. My team at Automattic is hard at work in […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 7

    Some really fascinating article, tools, and videos I enjoyed this past week. Tech/Software Development Want to create a one page website with WordPress? Here’s a great tutorial. I have had a fascination with UI Kits/Design system templates for a while, I quite like this one , this one and this one. Laravel Wave 2.0 launched, […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 6

    This week was a short week thanks to the Easter weekend, but I still found some good stuff, enjoy! Tech/Software Development Wix were in the news for all sorts of the wrong reasons. But some good news is that a colleague of mine has developed a tool to help export your site content even though […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 5

    I missed posting last week due to some family responsibility, but I’ve got a bumper edition with some good stuff this week! Tech/Software Development I was telling a colleague about design systems this week, and some places I had been to for inspiration – Codyhouse is a great resource including their 6 part series on […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 4

    In this week’s episode I share a fun SQL joke found on Twitter, a musical about guitar pedals, and I even wrote a leadership blog post this week! Tech/Software Development While in a meeting earlier this week a colleague’s web cam on their Mac wasn’t working. Here’s how to fix that 🙂 I haven’t tried […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 3

    In this week’s episode I found some cool articles ranging from WordPress and Laravel, to Electron and Firebase! Tech/Software Development A crash course in Firebase on CSS Tricks. I’ve been a big fan of Firebase for a long time, since long before Google acquired them. Interesting UI design app for making iOS apps inside iOS. […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 2

    In this week’s episode I found some more fun things; some punk rock thoughts, Star Wars beats, and a bunch of interesting podcast related stuff 🙂 Tech/Software Development It’s actually very important to retire old code bases and not just maintain them forever because of the difficulty of maintaining them becomes extremely high. Microsoft introduced […]

  • OneTab Links: Episode 1

    This week I found some fun things; it’s a mix between Tech, Life, and Music. This post will keep evolving each week. Tech/Software Development Lex Fridman has some fascinating discussions around JavaScript on his podcast. Here’s a shortlink to some episodes on Youtube. Build your mobile app in 10 days with React Native Love this […]

  • OneTab Link Hoarding

    Making my bookmarks list useful again. Should I share them? Newsletter or blog post?