Category: Inspiration

  • Designing a Wall of Code

    At the end of September 2020 my sister Jennifer Pearce who is a Deputy Headteacher at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and Nursery in the UK, reached out to me about designing a wall of code for the school’s computer centre. What they envisioned was a piece of code printed onto the walls of the computer […]

  • Reading and listening more

    I’ve been on my Automattic sabbatical since 1 November 2020, and I’m due back at work on 1 Feb 2021. It’s been extremely relaxing I’m happy to say, and this is actually the first day I’ve logged into my site since then! Something I have been meaning to do this year is to make a […]

  • Coffee Detox 2020 Retrospective

    Today I finished my once yearly coffee detox process. I went to my favorite local coffee roastery for a Cortado, and I thought I’d share some thoughts from the process. Water is your friend and I’m glad I stuck to my suggestions. I broke my alcohol rule a few times and that wasn’t a bad […]

  • How I Detox from Coffee

    In 2016 I realised just how serious my “dependence” on coffee had become. I was averaging the equivalent of 3 double espressos before lunch, and then continuing in the afternoon. To be fair, I was drinking that in a Cortado, but still…that’s a lot. And like a lot of people, I typically wasn’t drinking nearly […]

  • A not so routine, routine!

    I recently wrote about my remote routines and there’s a line in there that is quite appropriate for this week 🙂 Just take it day by day and make adjustments as you see fit. So, with our governments recent changes to our lockdown levels, they have required teachers to start going back to work, even […]

  • Remote Routines

    Let’s talk about morning routines for a few minutes in the life of a remote worker. I’m someone who benefits greatly from structure. I do though perform really well under pressure, and I’m usually open to change, but I definitely feel I’m at my best when it comes to my work when I’m following a […]

  • Podcast Appearance on WP Hacker Cast

    Recently I was invited to appear on the podcast WP Hacker Cast by a prominent WordPress Cape Town community member, and an all around great guy – Jonathan Bossenger We had a great conversation about my development career, how I ended up at Automattic, WordPress, and just had a great time for an hour and […]

  • Go Go Gutenberg!

    I was browsing the plugins repo looking at a few block plugins, and there’s a bunch of them! And that made me wonder about my minor obsession with creating a great landing page experience using WordPress. I haven’t talked much about that, but I’ve done quite a lot of (possibly too much) research into […]

  • Taking Breaks: 1 Week In

    Well, 1 week into my break from Social Media and I thought I’d give an update/perspective on how it’s gone so far. It’s been tough. I’ve found myself open a new tab in my browser and start typing the letters face… and then quickly close the tab. I’ve found the same thing on my phone, […]

  • Social Media, Distractions, and Taking Breaks

    I’ve been using social media pretty much every day of my life for the past 8 years, and I’ve been growing slowly dissatisfied with how much it has encroached into my life I’ve let it encroach into my life. I have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, LinkedIn, and who knows what else I’ve […]