Category: WordPress

  • Theming Future

    It’s really cool to see how the future of WordPress themes is progressing. I’ve been quite blessed to have been working directly on some of the themes shared in the video below. My team at Automattic has done some pretty spectacular work over the past year, as well as the teams working on Gutenberg and […]

  • Leadership: Being a Buffer

    Some thoughts on being a buffer while leading a team.

  • A not so routine, routine!

    I recently wrote about my remote routines and there’s a line in there that is quite appropriate for this week 🙂 Just take it day by day and make adjustments as you see fit. So, with our governments recent changes to our lockdown levels, they have required teachers to start going back to work, even […]

  • Remote Routines

    Let’s talk about morning routines for a few minutes in the life of a remote worker. I’m someone who benefits greatly from structure. I do though perform really well under pressure, and I’m usually open to change, but I definitely feel I’m at my best when it comes to my work when I’m following a […]

  • My First WooTrip

    There are some things about my time at Woo that I remember vividly; the many heated Fifa games, the conversation where we decided how to get WooCommerce launched (for another post), as well as the one time that Adii came up to me in the office and asked me “would you like to go snowboarding?” […]

  • In-ten-se

    Ten years can feel like a long time. But when so much happens in that time, it can feel like it flew past like you just drank your morning coffee! This month, ten years ago I joined Woo. Ten. Years. Ago… I’ve been reflecting on that the last few days and I’m feeling very grateful. […]

  • Podcast Appearance on WP Hacker Cast

    Recently I was invited to appear on the podcast WP Hacker Cast by a prominent WordPress Cape Town community member, and an all around great guy – Jonathan Bossenger We had a great conversation about my development career, how I ended up at Automattic, WordPress, and just had a great time for an hour and […]

  • Go Go Gutenberg!

    I was browsing the plugins repo looking at a few block plugins, and there’s a bunch of them! And that made me wonder about my minor obsession with creating a great landing page experience using WordPress. I haven’t talked much about that, but I’ve done quite a lot of (possibly too much) research into […]

  • Making Things Again

    For the past few years I’ve either been maintaining existing products at work, or working on compatibility with complementary products like making themes WooCommerce compatible. This year I had the opportunity to work on something new, building something from scratch, and seeing as I’m still part of our theming team at Automattic, naturally it was […]

  • Canvas Theme for WordPress

    As some of you may know, I work over at Automattic on WooThemes themes within the Themes Team. My primary project is the Canvas Theme. I’m currently in the middle of making it even more awesome, and I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is and set it to be this site’s theme of […]