Appreciation of Sight

For most of us that work online, there are a few things that we do everyday that we take for granted. Things like having a roof over our heads, food on the table, and access to the internet. But the last week has highlighted something else in my life – my sight.

See, last week a blood vessel in right eye burst – not a serious condition (a subconjunctival hemorrhage) – but when you stare at a screen for 8+ hours a day, it can become a real problem. I found myself struggling to concentrate and sit in front of my machine for long periods of time.

So even though this might seem like a trivial thing to you, take some time to appreciate the fact that you can see, that you can appreciate the complexities of the code you write, the designs you mockup, the articles that you write – because it really really sucks when you lose sight of enjoying those things.

Published by Jeff Pearce

Most know me online as Jeffikus, I made WordPress products at WooCommerce for 7 years. Then Automattic acquired us and I've been making themes there for the past 3 years! I’m a husband, and father in beautiful Cape Town!

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  1. Great post, Jeff. Thanks for sharing this.

    I’ve had days where my eyes hurt, or I blink a lot. Those days make me wonder about sight and appreciate it a lot more.

    I have similar situations with wrists or fingers. When they hurt, I wonder what I’d do if I couldn’t ever play guitar again.

    Overall, I feel it’s important that we appreciate just how fragile, yet magnificent, the human body is.

    1. Thanks for commenting Matty! Yeah I remember when you had the wrist issue, it’s never fun when it happens!

      “how fragile, yet magnificent, the human body is” -> great words!

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