It’s Official – Woothemes!

Well, I have some pretty serious and exciting news to share…I have decided to take up a position at Woothemes! This is a fantastic opportunity and am really grateful to be going on this journey with everyone at Woothemes. I’ll be starting on 1 December – so keep watching Woothemes for all the exciting times ahead! Continue reading “It’s Official – Woothemes!”

WordPress JQuery Accordion

So I’ve been tinkering with JQuery this weekend and have built a function for WordPress to display a JQuery accordion of a certain number of posts from a certain category – Title and Excerpt details.
It also can be used across both pages and posts using a shortcode.
Update – I have built a WordPress plugin to run this function and shortcode, and have created its own page here for download and instructions. It is now retired.

Brothers Streep

Wow..after a weekend and half a week of being off sick, I thought I’d post something random and cool that features a mate of mine – Hugh Lashbrooke follow him on twitter @hlashbrooke.

He built a site for a local South African band called the Brothers Streep and it got featured on a british talk show called the Graham Norton Show. Reason it got featured is that the band wrote a song about Anna Paquin and the show had her on and played the song to her!! Great stuff…also awesome for Hugh as the site was shown on live TV 🙂

The Journey Begins

So, my first official post on and I’ve got so much to say!

But, why am I doing this site? Well, after spending 5 long years in the academic world at the University of Cape Town, and another awesome 3 years in the development world working for a leading Web Application Development company, I have a lot of relevant knowledge to share and give back. So I’m going to be sharing a few of my thoughts & experiences on: Continue reading “The Journey Begins”